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Released on 21 January, 2024 on Beatport

Soundcloud, Spotify, and all other major platforms,

starting with the first release of the 5-song

rolling release - exclusively on Jaco Records.




"Nkosi Ya Wolo" - Meaning "Golden Lion" in the African Bantu/Lingala languages.

In this story, we experience the journey of the young man who overcame the suffering of his youth and ascended to the role of tribal king to his people. In this new role, he grows in wisdom and honor and humility and spiritual strength.

Now, facing the trials and hardships and horrors of a world he never grew up in, with the tiredness of old age begin to set in, the king digs deeper...and awakens the true power of the lion, the true power of the heart.

This is a deeper journey into the soul of man, as the king has transformed into the Golden Lion, a legendary, mythical hero, who serves his people now and also his ancestors from the past and also his descendents in the future.

The roar of the spirit is arising, emerging as a righteous, sacred voice in the world. The old lion is the most powerful and dangerous lion of all, as every drop of energy, every second counts. Nothing wasted, everything exhausted. Death no longer strikes fear in his heart, for death is the true doorway to the sacred afterlife. When the king sees the eternal spirit world on the other side more and more, his transformation into the true and final version of himself is more and more complete.


MORE ABOUT THE MUSIC: This is an Afro-flavored album, bringing Desert Raven back together with his good friends Sadam Seguya and Exit Onli. Sadam has provided great solo vocals to blend in with the majestic tribal sounds, in addition to providing solid percussion work on the ngoma and namunjjoloba drums. Exit Onli teams up with Desert Raven on vocals to provide the vocals needed to be the voice of the tribal king. Calm, mature, wise, and strong, with a deep soul. The original mix is a downtempo groover with psy-organic vibes. Maris' sexy remix is midtempo with an organic deep house feel. Purple Tape's driving remix is more uptempo and, while it retains the organic sound, it turns up the heat with masterful techno elements.

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