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Welcome to the Primordial Podcast! This is a unique expression of my Denver-based Primordial Grooves music collective, and it reaches out to the entire world!

This is a spiritual journey, a deeper approach than usual mixes. Serious storytelling. Not just art, not just sounds. Power in the music and message. From styles from the trippy side to the dreamy side, or both! It has a deeply spiritual focus. With serious storytelling. With great ethno-organic, organic house, slowtech, psychill, psydub, psybient, downtempo, and whatever else encapsulates the otherworldly in this world. :)

Getting us back to the beginning energies of mankind, thus "primordial" energy. A exploration of the heart and soul and mind and body to find what makes us connected since the very beginning of mankind. What do we share as human beings and various tribes? This energy empowers and also heals us to the core. It is the life force, so the mix will have that original life force and be share in the way of all stories of the ancient storytelling oral tradition, which make up true history that is passed down from generation to generation.

Much love!

Desert Raven

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