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🪔 "Doină" 👉🏼 Punchup Records

🪔 Released on Beatport , Bandcamp , and all other major platforms.

Doină is Desert Raven's debut release on Punch Up Records. The song is an ethnic-flavored organic house track with a rich palette of musical color and storytelling. Desert Raven was inspired by the musical traditions of Romanian doină and Jewish klezmer laments and dances.  The haunting vocals, ever-building energy, and powerful climax of emotion bring you back from the distant past right to the immediate present. Desert Raven and Punch Up hope that this epic, bittersweet electronic hymn gives the listener hope that these dark days shall soon pass, and we will be reunited on dancefloors once more, where we will celebrate the triumph of love and life over loss and death. We wish you love, life and happiness.


📜BACKSTORY, as told by Desert Raven:
Life is bittersweet. Struggles and lamentations mixed with happier, easier times...It began on a winter night last year as an idea while falling asleep to a Romanian traditional song. I was feeling some sadness, regret, and fear in my heart, a bit overwhelmed by life and dealing with fears and regrets. I was reading the Old Testament in the Bible, transported to the time of the Israelites' captivity in Bablyon...when times are bad, remember that you are suffering with your ancestors and with your family are not alone, and there will be a brighter, love-filled, happier day to come, even if it is in the next life...and that day will be eternal...




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