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Release Date:  9 January, 2023

Label:  FruityAlfred Records

Platforms:  Beatport, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more.

I am getting REALLY deep with ancient Armenian vibes here.

This EP consists of my original, featuring Soul Pacifica  on

vocals and violin. It includes remixes by Alfredo Botta

VadimoooVand The Mystic.


Super ancient moods, inspired by the ancient culture

located in the Geghama Mountains of Armenia, around the

mysterious sites of Qarahunj and Zorats Karer, the Armenian

Stonehenge. The strange animal-looking creature carved out

of stone that you see in the artwork is called "The Guardian"

and is a part of carvings of creatures called "Vishapakar", or

"Dragon Stone". This culture existed around 2000 BC. These

and other ancient human dwellings with mystical rock carvings

and rock drawings left behind inspired my soul to take a

journey deep into the past of mankind.

🎶🪔🗿🗻🗿 🪔🎶

This is the third and most mystical and deep atmosphere

of the three songs coming from my Ararat dream.

I had a dream about three years ago, which gave rise to three songs: "Khor Virap", "Geghama", and "Surb Ughin".  In this dream that I had, I was thinking about the end of the modern world, about a great time of disasters and massive tragedy to mankind. Suddenly, I heard the voice of an angel that sounded like a woman, and then a man's voice. Then I saw Moses of the Bible thousands of miles away. I then flew in my spirit to Mt. Ararat, where Moses was resting, looking up in the sky for me. He knew I was coming. I flew over the snow capped peak like a bird. I then landed near him. He said, "this is the sacred path". That is all I remember, other than, in my dream I really wasn't flying, but flying in my spirit. I woke up. A year later, my third son was born, and my wife and I knew in our hearts, before we really started choosing a name, that one of our son's names would be "Noah". He would be a brave man of God, full of joy, faith, love, and hope. So far, he is all of that and so much more!

What lead to "Geghama" here was an additional vision that I had:

I had a vision of a man who went into the spirit world and found his ancestral mother, crying over one her children who died of starvation. His ancestral father was walking home from a hunt and fell to his knees in grief. One of their children looked up and said to the man, "I will be you, and you will be me." A shaman nearby was lighting a fire and chanting a sorrowful prayer for the family. He then started carving a picture of a lion on a rock. He said, "This is the guardian. He will protect our people. The Sky Father sent him." The shaman pointed to Mt. Ararat and disappeared in the wind.


This song is the ultimate mystical groove.   The ultra deep intro with Armenia women singing, mournful duduk, the ancient monastic chant synth pads, the bone shakers and rattles immediately bend our sense of reality and take us way back in time to the times of our primitive ancestors, who lived in huts

and caves, living in the mountains, carving their story on rocks. This brings us deeper into the mystic mood, at which point, the oud, bass synth, and kick come in.  The slow, strong groove that starts is irresistible.  The female and male chants and cries add incredible spiritual power to this haunting, beautiful, ancient mystical tale.  The violin that comes in with the most passionate energy.  One could come to tears many times in this song, slow down into the deep trance, then suddenly crying out in sorrow to the Heavens.  The outro is excellent in how it takes the mystical trance to inescapable depths.  The listener will never want to leave this song, but instead desiring to re-listen to and re-sing this sorrowful vision.  The listener will also have a heavenly hope within, fed by prophetic, miraculous, powerful messages.


🎶🪔🗿🗻🗿 🪔🎶

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