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Beatport Release:  9 November, 2022, courtesy of Kośa Records.

Available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and other major platforms.

This entire EP came from a single dream.  All three originals came in the most vivid colors and sounds, very powerful spiritually, and rooted in the ancient foundations of mankind.


Three originals (feat. Malorie on vocals), with incredible remixes

by MI.LA, RokeyaLello Fusco, AVM, VadimoooV, and Hydeclip.

A total of NINE amazing musical journeys of the soul.

You can dance or drift into the cosmos in astral flight, or both!

This is a powerful journey back into time, through the cradle of

civilization in India and Pakistan.


"Hindu Kush"

This song is trippy, funky, groovy, deep, and multi-dimensional.  This is the heart of the EP.  We journey into the heart of the Hindu Kush Mountains, seeking the source of the Indus River, seeking the beginning of history, of civilization, of our consciousness in the highest spiritual way.  It feels like a really deep high from the very best Hindu Kush strain of Indica cannabis.  It feels like a cosmic trip to the dream world, where this world and the spiritual world are one.  The song builds in energy, deeper into the trance, bigger in the love.  Intricate musical transitions create an evolving, transcendental journey, especially as the sitar comes in.  From there, it is being lost in the very best way.


This song is the stage of the journey where we find the Indus River, water of life, source of humanity, source of the spirit.  This song is heavenly, celestial, and even more transcendental than Hindu Kush.  It begins with deep, droning sitar, super meditative in atmosphere, otherworldly, set to a mesmerizing tabla drum.  When we encounter the pure, fast-flowing headwaters, we are filled with the mighty rush of divine water and wind from high in the mountain and high in the heavens.  The groove is established with a funky sitar and bass sequence.  The break and bridge are absolutely powerful and make us fly far, far into the heavens.  The cosmic bansuri gives us the spiritual wings for the celestial flight.  Where we are in this sequence is both in this world and not in this world.  We have left our bodies and have entered astral flight.

"Anant Bhor"

In Hindi, "Anant Bhor" means "Eternal Dawn". 


Anant Bhor will awaken your soul in the Eternal Dawn, in the Unbroken Circle Of Life. Painting traditional Indian raga sounds on an energized tapestry of modern electronic sounds, evoking a blissful state of mystical ecstasy, both on the dancefloor, and in your soul. Dawn is the essence of birth. We endlessly return to the awakening of our being in the new light each day. There is power and purity in newness, and like the divine miracle shining from the face of a newborn child, we are reborn into a new miracle each dawn. 

This is the climax, the final stage of our journey, where we have completed the circle.  The mighty and loving sun has risen in the early morning.  Bansuri, sitar, running water, birds singing, tabla drums setting the rhythm.  The Moog synthesizer in a deep, deep, deep arpeggio, opens our souls to the circle of eternity.  Beauty, gentleness, kindness, mercy.  All things we need to be healed and whole.  Next, the heat and full power of sunrise as the morning progresses.  The tabla and kick drum hit with the Moog going into a powerful, hot solo, with sitar also soloing with fire and cosmic, emotional power.  As the song progresses, emotions, like a fire, calm then energize again and again. 


We have united with our roots, ourselves, and life itself.  This is enlightenment.  The sun rises and sets every day into eternity, and we are bound to its life-giving energy.  There is no sorrow in the blessed Nirvana, in Heaven, as we are one with all that is good.  The light of love and life shines from within us with the warmth of a thousand sunrises.  A blessed transformation has occurred in our souls, and our being is connected to all the universal energy of light, love, and goodness.

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