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To be released in December, 2022 -

January, 2023,on Beatport

Soundcloud, Spotify, and all other

platforms, starting with the first release of the 5-song

rolling release - exclusively on Trndmsk Records.



"There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever

enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or

smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek

nothing outside of yourself."

⚔️🌸🐯Miyamoto Musashi🐯🌸⚔️

Label release details coming soon.


It has taken over a year to fully create this powerful, beautiful spiritual journey...the time and effort are well worth it. Lello Fusco and I are proud to bring our "Hokkaido" EP to the world soon. Two originals, one alternate original version, and featuring SoulPacifica and myself on vocals, and two remixes for reimagined journeys by Veytik and MI.LA . The world must have songs of beauty and fire. We bring you to the place that has these songs: Hokkaido




This song embodies the stunning landscape and mystical nature of the Japanese island of Hokkaido is a song of beauty and depth, and it searches the soul.  Hokkaido is a land of fire and ice, wild terrain, wild people, yet delicate beauty at the same time. It is a journey of simplicity and zen.  Harmony with nature and the eternal life force that runs through all created beings.  t is introspection, meditation, refinement, beauty, peace, blessed connection to the divine energies. Like delicate sakura blossoms and snowflakes falling to the ground, so our souls bow in humility and honor in the divine. The shamisen plucks a beautiful melody, while the vocals float and speak in the celestial realm.  The shakuhachi evokes the divine spirit, like a refreshing wind through the trees and over the mountains.  Gorgeous synths, perfect rhythm and harmonies. Waves of bliss wash over us. SoulPacifica's incredible vocals calmly begin, then rise in soulful, liberated sighs and cries. Absolutely beautiful journey! 


Like leaves falling in autumn, like snow falling in the winter, like sakura (cherry blossoms) falling in spring, like gentle raindrops falling in summer, so do our thoughts falling into the river of our soul, flowing into the eternal spirit world.  There is something mystical in the deepest, wildest parts of nature.  The tribal people of Hokkaido, the Ainu, possess the ancestral memory and unity of original creation and harmony with all nature.  There is a serenity that washes over the soul, removing all cares in this temporary life on earth.  A smooth, perfect flow of energy without conscious thought.  An expectation of the deeper spiritual life that remains beyond this physical world.  There is a deep harmony with all nature and the entire universe.


In Japanese, "tora" means tiger.  In this sequence, we enter the heat of the heart, the blessed savage power that changes and impacts reality.  While "Hokkaido" represents the beauty of the land and its people, "Tora" represents the fierceness and wildness of the land, people, and history. It is the power. True power is the power behind a calmer surface, a power held back, yet latent, ready to be released and impact what it must impact. This is captured so well in the tiger, an animal with mythic status, in its black and orange and white stark color dynamic, hiding in the forest, in the shadows ready to roar and leap with fiery attack upon its prey.

Also, this resembles the spiritual, noble warrior. The wise, experienced samurai. I chanted the male vocals, evoking the Buddhist monks hidden deep in the wilderness in their monastery and temple. Deep chants, bringing deep, powerful energy to the surface. Growling synths, strong kick, various percussion, including the legendary taiko ceremonial drums. A tiger roar lights the fire ablaze! The groove has begun. An irresistible force has awakened! Yet, there is such a pure spirit in the melody, with SoulPacifica's incredible vocals and other instruments. The union of one's beauty and fierceness has been achieved. A truly powerful journey!First, we must understand the hidden power within. 


We must center ourselves and focus the power and intense energy.  Like a tree connected deeply to the earth, so must we be rooted in order to achieve our purpose and strike our target.  As the tiger asserts its presence quietly through camouflage and stealth and also loudly through its mighty roar, so is the duality of our spirit swirling and adapted and manifesting according to the dynamic of the moment.  The song opens with the strikes of the ceremonial taiko drum, the rumbling growl of the bass synth, and the deep, mystical chant of the monks in the temple. 


The most powerful strength comes from within.  It builds and focuses itself towards the precise moment of exertion and attack.  The fangs, the claws, and roar of the tiger are forest-shaking in power, just as the drop comes after waves of building musical energy, with drums, bass synths, including a pulsating Moog riff and solo, with various instrument.  Even tigers are able to remain calm, and there is a deep beauty in their colors and presence.  The female vocals evoke this beauty in the song, which are not contrary to the nature of the tiger.  No, they are essential to perfection of the tiger.  It immense power and deep beauty are one of the greatest signs of perfect, cosmic duality on this earth.  To take this analogy even deeper, we attribute this meditation of the tiger to the way of the warrior, to bushido, to kendo, to the samurai.  The spiritual path of the true warrior is ever present, and the art and practice of working in moments of calm and violence with equal sense of detachment is just as the tiger concerned with its hunt, one with its surroundings and focused on its prey, wary of threats, and perfectly poised to strike with full instinct.  In the heat of fire and loudness of the battle, we have a cool, refreshing river of serenity and still, quiet way of movement and controlling our spirit.  This is the true nature of the tiger.

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