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🪔 "Meteora" EP

🪔 Released on Bandcamp and most other platforms.


Meth'imon O Theos (Original Mix)

Mastered by D-Formation

Meth'imon o Theos. God is with us. He comes to us in the flesh and walks with us always. This is dedicated to God and those in need of hope. My latest track, "Meth'imon O Theos", is a modern, cosmic take on an ancient Greek Orthodox Hymn to God, singing about God being with us, with all people, through all ages, through all suffering, through goodness. God is with us.

This song should uplift the soul even more than it will move the listener's body on the dancefloor. There is spiritual power in this sound. Greek bouzouki, Byzantine scales, rich, lush pads, strong groove and low end. Lots of organic sound and movement. Look out for release details soon.


Kalamata (Original Mix)


This is a song dedicated to my beloved Greece, to life, to roots, to the earth, to the sky, to the sea.  It holds my memories, my sorrows, my joys, my love, my life and is a journey of the soul.  It is about the Kalamata - the city, the land, the people, the music, and the earth that yields the incredible olive fruit.

I created it based around an improv bouzouki solo that I did one day.  All else flowed from that session.  Several other Greek instruments.  Traditional ethnic sounds and deep, organic, hypnotic grooves.  My own vocals in it.  Classic Southern Greek style beginning.  Beautiful bridge and transition into the second of the song.  Feels like sailing on the ocean in the end.



Meth'imon O Theos


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