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To be released 14 July 2024 on Beatport

Soundcloud, Spotify, and all other major platforms,

starting with the first release of the 5-song

rolling release - exclusively on Shango Records.


My dear sister
MI.LA and I are incredibly blessed and joyous in announcing to you that our true labor of love and one of the deepest, most beautiful songs we have made is going to be released NEXT FRIDAY on the beloved Shango Records label.

We have remixes by some of our dear friends and favorite artists:
Cereus, Menori, and Stephane Salerno, who were truly in flow state when they created these new visions of the song and the story!

RELEASE DATE: Friday, 5 October 2023

Label: Shango Records
Available on all platforms

🐎 Nüüdelchin (Original Mix) - Genre: Organic House / Downtempo - 120 BPM
🛖 Nüüdelchin (Extended Downtempo Mix) - Genre: Organic House / Downtempo - 110 BPM
🦅 Nüüdelchin (Cereus Remix) - Genre: Organic House / Downtempo - 115 BPM
🏔 Nüüdelchin (Menori Remix) - Genre: Organic House / Downtempo - 114 BPM
🐎 Nüüdelchin (Stephane Salerno Remix) - Genre: Organic House / Downtempo - 120 BPM


📜  STORY 📜
In this ethno-organic storytelling song, you will experience a true feast of sound, with proper organic house, downtempo, and midtempo grooves.

In Mongolian language, "Nüüdelchin" means "Nomads". Here is our story of a close-knit tribe of nomads as they travel through the land and seasons of Mongolia. They represent the sacred bond of mankind to the family, to the land, and to the spirit. We have let the beauty and soul of the Mongolian people flow through us in the creative process and speak their history, their dreams, their struggles, their joys, their victories, and their way. Welcome to our musical story of the nomads: "Nüüdelchin".

Official Shango Press Release:
Born in the dark streets of Cairo, grown to the unforgettable forests of Santa Esmeralda, spending its teen years in Bombay and Tangier markets, mature into the deep spacey Jungle of Ghana we proudly present you a new label from the land of the pyramids: SHANGO RECORDS invites you to an unheard world music psychedelic trip: like through a colorful kaleidoscope we will melt down Indian and Pakistani Vibes, Arab-Tek and Oriental groovy vibes, Afro-Beat rhythms n' pieces, Cumbia Tropicana flavors and cosmic Ghetto-Latin vibes into forbidden sounds of frenzied electronic Dancefloor rituals. Outside traditional paths these driving grooves and polyphonic structures take the adventure seeking dancer to Dionysian highs and places never been before.

So instead of bringing the kites in, they cut the strings. As the kites were freed, a strong gust of wind burst from the sky. One by one, the butterflies and dragons disappeared as if flying home to the moon. As the kites vanished from sight, there was a s ad sigh. No one spoke, but they all wished for an escape from tomorrow’s tragedy. Quietly, the family packed their belongings and began to climb down the mountain. They walked a long time, so long that the moon rose overhead and they began to shiver with cold. “Are we lost?” a child asked. “This does not look like the way home.” Desert Raven and MI.LA take the long road back to the land of beauty and warm feelings. This is their first collaboration offering for Shango Records. This track can give you the beauty of the sky and the peace of the sea. Cereus, Menori and Stephane Salerno play with butterflies and dragons in the valley of forever.

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