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Jacob Acosta


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"People Among Robots", featuring Jacob Acosta

Jacob Acosta and I are very proud to announce the release of our art concept song, "People Among Robots".

Back story to this song: Some time ago, I wanted

to compose a cinematic organic techno track

that paid homage to my major influences, Vangelis,

Tangerine Dream, and Hans Zimmer, and done in

a way that evoked the dark future world of

Blade Runner. I approached Jacob, whom I had

worked with prior on the "Whispers And Cries"

project. He loved the concept and provided vocals

and creative input. Jacob and I hope to work

with a movie production company and screenwriter

to have this included in a sci-fi/thriller in the future.
We also plan on having this release as a full Melodic Techno EP, with remixes by top producers, such as
Veytik. Stay tuned!


Back Story: This about the revolution that men and women hold against artificial intelligence and a robot-controlled world. No plants or animals or tribes have been allowed to grow outside of controlled environments, but the people want to be wild, to live, to be free. They sustain their hope and will to live for generations, until they have the plan, the resources, and the army to destroy the system once and for all.


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