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First release on 11 January, 2024 on Beatport

Soundcloud, Spotify, and all other major platforms,

starting with the first release of the 5-song

rolling release - exclusively on trndmsk Records.

🐎🛖🐎 Space Cowboys 🐎🛖🐎


Created, recorded and produced by myself and Veytik,

featuring SoulPacifica on vocals for Space Cowboys.

Brilliant remixes by Eternal Moment, VadimoooV, and


  • Space Cowboys - feat. SoulPacifica (Original Mix)

  • Space Cowboys - feat. SoulPacifica (VadimoooV Remix)

  • Space Cowboys - feat. SoulPacifica (Eternal Moment Remix)

  • Sacred Yurt (Original Mix)

  • Sacred Yurt (Veytik Remix)



This is a volcanic-powered release, courtesy of the trendsetting trndmsk label out of Germany, with a rolling-release style format, basically a building of energy and slow burn of the vision, giving the listener time to thoroughly digest each track as it comes out, before the next track is released. It is a unique hybrid approach that feels like single releases and EP releases. You've tasted this in my "Ljudi" and "Hokkaido" releases with the label in 2022 and 2023.

My brother, Veytik, and I are absolutely blessed and affirmed by the life and energy we are surrounded by in our circle of family and tribe that has joined us on our upcoming EP focused on tracking the cosmic awakening of souls in the times of ancient Mongolia and Japan and moving forward into deep future, yet never losing the organic, human spirit and the original spiritual and physical DNA imprinted upon us by God.

Shamanic, tribal, ethnic, futuristic, cosmic, spiritual grooves and sounds. It is a deep transformation and very powerful experience. It is universal and hopeful in its overall message. It penetrates to the core and heals from within. It moves us ever onward in our metanoia. We hope you enjoy this unique and dynamic experience!

On this album, Veytik and I composed, produced, and recorded the two originals. SoulPacifica and I provide vocals, including my Mongolian-style throat singing vibes.

Enjoy the journey!


Space Cowboys

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