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To be released 14 July 2024 on Beatport

Soundcloud, Spotify, and all other major platforms,

starting with the first release of the 5-song

rolling release - exclusively on Fruity Alfred Records.


📜 Concept Album

Get ready for storytelling and a deep message for

our people and for the times. My dear

brother, Alfredo Botta, and dear sister, The Mystic, and I

created a mythical, magical three-part story

surrounding a mystery and a legend spanning from

ancient to modern times.

Three original mixes telling different parts of the story and a brilliant remix for each original. I will be telling Part 1. The Mystic will be telling Part 2. Alfredo Botta will be telling Part 3. Remixers including AVMBiop6 of Spiritual Nomad Records, and Silence! More incredible beauty and natural healing power and spirituality to the story and the journey. My psydub track, "Garden Gnome", also to be included as part of the experience!

🌲 "Dynamis" (Original Mix) - by Desert Raven
🌲 "Dynamis" (AVM Remix)
🌲 "River Of Stars (Original Mix) - by The Mystic
🌲 "River Of Stars" (Silence Remix)
🌲 "Nature Is Calling" (Original Remix) - by Alfredo Botta
🌲 "Nature Is Calling" (Biop6 Remix)
🌲 "Garden Gnome (Original Mix) - by Desert Raven

This is a collaboration that has been coming for a long time, and finally it is here! For more on the story of the EP, read below:



The world had reached a level of severe disconnection from the true relationship of mankind with himself and the rest of creation.

Instead, mankind became obsessed with technology and illusion, rather than organic life and reality and truth. Through continual trauma inflicted upon the people and deception and manipulation, the leaders of the world became slave-masters openly and re-established a tiered society of sheltered privileged communities of people brainwashed into believing that their way of life, with its carefully constructed parks, shopping, houses, all carefully planned to provide all needs and comfort, with the caveat that the people here faithfully follow the prime directive of the "stewards of the planet" (very great irony here). The directive stated that only freedom can exist in whole hearted cooperation with the stewards.

Outside of these communities existed highly guarded and greatly prized "holiday zones", places of deep nature and tranquility, a "lawful escape" from day to day life. Again, another heavy layer of hypocrisy and irony to the world of the people and their stewards.

Another world outside the communities was the "wastelands": uncontrolled, feral land, full of remote prisons that held the "faithless". Those who publicly questioned the stewards in small and large ways. In the prisons, ironically called "regeneration centers" by the stewards, residents were presented a "final call to fulfillment". This was another way of saying that they faced compliance or eventual rotting in prison or worse.

Also in the wastelands lived hidden communities of escapees and those descendants of the original non-compliant souls when the stewards emerged. Rumors swirled that these people possessed gifts of prophesy and healing. No one from the stewards' communities had ever actually seen them..until now.

One day, when a couple from the steward communities was exploring the woods in a holiday zone, they stumbled upon a hidden cave. They followed this cave for what seemed a few hours until they arrived at another opening in the earth. Outside the opening, they saw a great mountain and a lush forest.

📜CHAPTER 1 - Dynamis📜

The couple we were introduced to in the Prologue (see previous post) eventually surfaced on the other side of the hidden tunnel. To their utter awe and amazement, they realized that they were not in the world they knew for their entire lives.

There was an energy that they felt immediately, which was like no other they had felt before. It was alive, filling the air with a living power, something that felt wholly natural and in harmony with the world around them. The more they breathed the air in, the more the energy permeated their skin, the more alive and perceptive they became. They began to discern their own spirits and bodies, aware of both health and sickness within them.

Memories began to surface that came from many stages of their lives, including childhood. Tears began to flow in their eyes, as a blessed sorrow and joy flooded their hearts. Their minds became more clear, simple, and undistracted.

Then whispered voices came from deep within the forest on the slope of a great mountain that stood before them. They could not understand the language the voices were speaking in, but they felt the meaning of what was being said. They heard "COME. IT IS TIME."

The couple looked at each other, filled with eagerness and doubt at the same time. They looked back at the mouth of the cave where the tunnel was. The energy began to leave their bodies. They turned to face the mountain again, and the energy returned. The voices whispered again.

The choice was obvious now. There was no looking back. They began to ascend the mountain and walked into the forest. Suddenly, a powerful, wave of energy and blue-green light washed over them.

Intense, dynamic energy flowed in them, and they thought they were hallucinating. They were not hallucinating. This was a spiritual encounter with beings, much like angels, who surrounded them. The spirits pointed towards what looked like a small cluster of thatched huts.

It was indeed time. 🛖

📜CHAPTER 2 - River Of Stars📜

The couple we have followed from the beginning of the story have just had a powerful encounter in the forest with the life force of Zelidan the angelic beings of light.

The couple follow the beings through the forest and arrive at the village of thatched huts. Whispering voices float through the air, speaking in an unknown language. Then, the whispers go quiet. Living human beings appear from within the large hut in the center of the village. They look at the couple, looking into their souls. The couple could feel this in their spirits. A hand of the spirit reached into their hearts, opening a flow of energy into their hearts and then bodies. The couple stands stunned for a long moment.

Suddenly deeply buried emotions surface in the couples' hearts. The couple begins to cry in unison. The wounds of the past are powerfully present, nothing suppressing them. The couple drops to their knees, face buried in their hands. Shame, guilt, sorrow, anger, fear, hate, regret, loneliness, unforgiveness, and jealousy all come flow out, followed slowly but steadily but a river of love, affirmation, confirmation, faith, trust, courage, forgiveness, peace, hope, contentment, communion, gratitude, and joy.

Then, the chieftain of the tribe opens his arms, stretching them to the heavens, and says in completely understandable language to the couple, "You have been held back from the truth, but the time has come for you to receive the truth and to begin to live the truth, unafraid of all threats. You are here with the family of all people. Your home is here, but you must claim it from your own free will."

The couple stood stunned again, in awe of what they have just heard and experienced.

The chieftain pointed his finger to the sky. "Look, Children, the Ancestors speak to us from the Heavens. They paddle their sacred spirit canoes across the night sky. They swim the River Of Stars. In the River, we are healed and given Eternity to drink. 🛖

📜CHAPTER 3 - Nature Is Calling📜

The couple we have followed from the beginning of the story have just had an intense moment of revelation about their deepest selves, in addition to a miraculous healing of their souls.

The Chieftain, from that day forward, began teaching the couple and further healing the couple's souls and bodies. The couple began to adapt to the ways of the people of the forest. The couple began to truly connect with the people of the forest. They began to become people of the forest.

This realization one morning dawned upon the couple. A sudden distractedness and fear overcame the couple enough to forget the blessed state of the forest life and think of the world they grew up in: the illusory, false world of the Stewards, who had merely found a way to make slaves of all, one way or another. The ones most "privileged" in that society were actually the most fully enslaved. The chased a momentary pleasure only to be deeper in spiritual debt to the Stewards who gave them that pleasure.

They began to miss their families. Our of love for them, they decided to return to the other side. So it was, that the couple, returned to their former life, with tears running down their cheeks as they walked toward the other side of the tunnel, in their previous life.

The couple must not have stayed very long in the forest because no one even released they were gone, the time gone being exactly the number of days as their holiday.

As the couple passed days with their family and friends, the began to feel a new sadness, a sense of longing, a sense of calling. It was as intense as the first encounter with the beings of light in the forest. They could hear the whisper of the tribe. They could see their eyes within their souls.

The couple one day, in an act of faith, told their family of everything. They all secretly made plans for their escape in the guise of another mini-holiday. It was time to go home the world that gave them new life. Nature was calling. This time, they would never ignore its call again. 🛖


📜Short Story - Garden Gnome📜

We know that Garden Gnomes hold a place of curiosity, wonder, and magic in the hearts of people around the world. They come from the faerie tales and legends filled with dragons, brave warriors, elves, and giants. They are the friendly farmers and protectors of gardens, going home to their mushroom houses each evening, ready for a delicious meal and good sleep. They are friends of the animals and plants of the mystical forest. They are our sign of eternal harmony and peace and gratitude.

This is what inspired the tribe of The Forest Of Zelidan story.

Every heartbeat, every dream, every day of deep discernment...they all represent the life of the Garden Gnome and the tribe of Zelidan!

No better vibe than to create a trippy psydub journey of sound as an ode to the Garden Gnome!


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