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A few words regarding my initial release, "Visions". 


It is experimental, multi-genre.  Self-released on most platforms.


Living by faith is the essential element to living.  If we depend on something that we don't fully understand, can't control, can't predict, or fully see with our eyes, we have faith in it.  We have faith in the engineers who build our cars.  We have faith in our friends to provide honesty, love, understanding, loyalty, and forgiveness.  We have faith in schedules to deliver on that promise that something will happen at a specific time.  We have faith that the snows in the mountains to provide water for the rivers and streams and lakes in the spring.  Our children have faith in us to provide all that is good for them and to show them what is good.

Faith requires seeing something that is not currently visible to our physical sense of sight.  Believing that it is real, whether present with us or yet to come, is what empowers us to live with a purpose and towards desired outcomes.  Faith involves what many in times of old call "having a vision".  Having a vision of something could be simply having a concept and sure idea for the business plan that you trust will be successful.  Having a vision could be something spiritual, supernatural, seeing that delivers healing or direction for the soul.

This is where my current musical work is focused.  It is the place where the spiritual sight and the earthly sight are being blended, where what is unseen becomes seen, where what is seen is deepened in clarity and meaning. 


The "Visions" album project's hope was to be a soundscape of beauty, wonder, and sublime energy, inspired by the natural world around us,  by the heavens, by mystical places, and by the old ways.  It was to be simple, yet rich.  It could hopefully slow the listener down, yet also move the listener more.


I hope that you join me in my "Visions"...

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