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Whispers And Cries EP


🪔 "Whispers And Cries" (EP) 👉🏼 MIR Music

🪔 Released on Beatport , and all other major platforms.



• Original Mix
• Andalucía Remix
• Ithaki Remix

The incredible new EP that I composed, produced, mixed, remixed, and performed with my brother and friend, Jacob Acosta: @jacobacostamusicofficial .

📜"Whispers And Cries (Original Mix)" - the Father and Mother Mix - Greek, Gypsy, Spanish Flamenco sounds- Progressive House - 123 BPM

"Whispers And Cries (Ithaki Remix)" - the Greek Voyager Mix - Greek/Balkan sounds with bouzouki - Progressive House - 120 BPM

"Whispers And Cries (Andalucía Remix)" - the Gitano Mix- Spanish Gypsy and Flamenco sounds - Progressive House - 120 BPM

📜🎶📜All is not lost...

In the mythical tale of "The Odyssey", the cunning intelligence of Odysseus opened the door for the chance to reunite with his wife (Penelope) and sons (Telemachus and Acusilaus) - and even his dog (Argos). One brave escape after brave escape, with the help of sympathetic allies, he found his way home after 20 years away. Powerful local men from Ithaca had sought to steal all he had.  It was a violent removal of those who overran his house, land, and family. His family had once thought him dead and experienced a grief like no other. After 20 years, he returned home, and the gods would not allow the homecoming to be delayed any longer or thwarted. It was one man against many odds, but all he needed was will power, the love for his family, a mind poised to act tactically and strategically, and divine favor. We can apply the lessons here to our own lives.

📜🎶📜 In "Whispers And Cries", we invite you to a fictional story of a man in the American West - a rancher named Ulises Rodriguez, who is said to have Spanish gypsy blood.  While away on business, his family and land have been taken from him by a gang of bandits in league with the local politicians. His wife and children think him dead...this is where the story begins...

📜🎶📜Our heartfelt laments and righteous anger are prayers...they are the whispers and cries to God and family...never give up...our broken hearts are not to be left unmended...

Current Release

Whispers And Cries EP

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