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A two-part February, 2024, release on Beatport, with

(Original Mix/Aspeckt Remix and Firmin/Libelum Remix),

Soundcloud, Spotify, and all other major platforms,

starting with the first release of the 4-song

rolling release - exclusively on Holy Mountain.

The Dream Of Odysseus

🏛 🌊⛵️🌊🏛 


Created, recorded and produced by myself,

featuring Dirlasion on vocals.

Brilliant remixes by Aspeckt and Firmin

  • The Dream Of Odysseus - feat. Dirlasion (Original Mix) - Release day:  2 Feb

  • The Dream Of Odysseus - feat. Dirlasion (Aspeckt Remix) - Release day:  2 Feb

  • The Dream Of Odysseus - feat. Dirlasion (Firmin's Back To Ithica Remix):  23 Feb

  • The Dream Of Odysseus - feat. Dirlasion (Libelum Remix):  23 Feb


In this interpretation of Homer's The Odyssey by Desert Raven, we experience the transformational moment when Odysseus arrives back home in Ithaca and reveals himself to his beloved wife, Penelope.

Dirlasion speaks the following words of Odysseus:

"Ο Οδυσσέας αγαπούσε την Πηνελόπη και η καρδιά του ήταν αληθινή. Θα πλεύσουμε με το πλοίο των ονείρων στον κόσμο, στην αιωνιότητα."

"Let us sail in the ship of dreams towards our home. One day, love will bloom again. We will sail on the ship of dreams into the cosmos, into eternity."

At last, that which was once thought lost has been found! True love is eternal and never dies. So must we hold on to hope, even when the situation and the world seem lost and hopeless.

Desert Raven in the original brings a funky groove and blends it with some more ancient flavor to a typical Greek D minor mode. Trippy vibes everywhere throughout in this midtempo journey, with a very deep bridge.  The energy is both spiritually deep, good for headphones, and great for the dance floor.

In Aspeckt's remix, he brings out the truly deep, mystical qualities of the song, and creates more space, with a minimal touch, but also gives it its own driving power with a pumping bass line that takes hold of the soul and transport deep into the cosmos.  This truly elevates the listener beyond Odysseus' home in Ithaca, but to the mythical Olympus, home of the gods.

In Firmin's "Back To Ithaca Remix", he brings a darker, driving, heavier groove which is incredibly strong and perfect for the dancefloor.  Impossible to resist.  Pure fire.  This one has a raw energy that perfectly conveys the struggles and darkness experienced by Odysseus in his travels.  This is what the listener must feel first, on the way back to Ithica, before feeling the joy of Odysseus' return home.

Please enjoy this ancient story retold in a fresh, new way, and enjoy the journey!

🏛 🌊⛵️🌊🏛 

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